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    The BBLA hosted a public meeting with the MNRF in September, regarding water levels on Big Basswood Lake. A number of individuals had expressed ongoing concerns with fluctuating water levels, particularly in late summer and early fall. 

    The meeting was poorly attended, both in-person and via Zoom. Perhaps this was due to it being held on a Friday in September, however it was scheduled to accomodate the MNRR technicians availability. 

    The main takeaway from the meeting was that we have essentially been in a drought situation for quite some time. Additionally, the control of lake water levels is not an exact science and the MNRF endeavors to do the best they can to maintain an adequate water level on the lake. They also stated that they have made some misjudgments but are committed to fixing this. To that end, they agreed to partner with the BBLA to allow for observers from Big Basswood Lake and Bright Lake to attend with them whenever adjustments are being made to the level of the Harris Creek Dam.

    The MNRF has agreed to meet with Huron Shores in the new year to discuss in more detail the dam operating plan, the impacts of dam operations on both Big Basswood and Bright Lake and better communications with stakeholders moving forward and the BBLA will be attending this meeting. 

    This is an issue that the BBLA will continue to monitor closely.

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