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    The Board of the BBLA has continued an active dialogue with the Municipality of Huron Shores and the council throughout the summer on a number of major issues that relate to the preservation of the quality of the Big Basswood Lake experience on behalf of cottage owners. 

    As with any governmental authority, federal, provincial, or municipal, progress on discussions must move through a protracted process including the seeking of legal advice and consultation with the appropriate provincial authorities to ensure that any action taken passes the thresholds required. 

    As examples of our level of engagement with the Huron Shores council, the BBLA was asked to present an overview of the septic inspection program that we conducted to the environmental services committee of council in April of this year. This participation has evolved to the point where one of our board members, Larry Allcorn, has been selected to sit as a full time member of this committee. He is attending and participating in all monthly meetings as well as sitting in on the monthly council meetings whenever possible. 

    We will continue to monitor and advocate on issues that are of concern to the community of Huron Shores and Big Basswood lake residents specifically. 

    You should have received this postcard in the mail from Huron Shores outlining a number of imporatant public information sessions that are taking place in the next few months. Note that Zoom links are available for all of these sessions on the Huron Shores website (if you didn't receive this mailing, be sure to be in touch with the municipal office to get your name added to the mailing list).

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