About Big Basswood Lake Association

    Mission Statement

    The Big Basswood Lake Association's (BBLA) Mission is to preserve and protect the quality and natural beauty of Big Basswood Lake and its watershed: leading the lake community in making sound choices towards sustainable solutions.


    Big Basswood Lake Association is open to all residents of Big Basswood Lake and surrounding communities. Learn more about the many benefits of BBLA membership by visiting our membership page.

    Seasonal Newsletters

    The BBLA board publishes a seasonal newsletter that allows you to stay informed about the many issues affecting our lake community. You can access past newsletters on our website here or sign-up to receive future newsletters at no cost.

    By-laws (pdf)

    Lake Characteristics

    Approximate location: 46°19' 83°22'30'
    Surface Area, Ao (km²): 26.95
    Watershed Area, Ad (km²): 60.89
    Ratio of areas Ad/Ao: 2.26
    Maximum Depth, zmax (m): 73.2
    Mean Depth, z (m): 37.9
    Volume (10^6 m³): 1,022.45
    Annual flushing rate (per yr): 0.047
    Annual water load (m/yr): 1.77
    Perimeter (km): 35.2

    From report "Lake Capacity Study for Bright and Basswood Lakes"
    Prepared by Gertrud Nürnberg, Ph.D. Bruce LaZerte, Ph.D. Freshwater Research Baysville, Ontario, P0B 1A0 - 2011


    Board Members

    Dave Baskcomb

    Larry Allcorn

    Cynthia Wood

    Marilyn Kellum
    Secretary and Lake Stewardship

    Nancy Bakemeier

    Matthew Aho

    George Craigie