About Us

    Mission Statement

    To preserve and protect the quality and natural beauty of Big Basswood Lake and its watershed: leading the lake community in making sound choices towards sustainable solutions.

    By-laws (pdf)

    Lake Characteristics

    Approximate location: 46°19' 83°22'30'
    Surface Area, Ao (km²): 26.95
    Watershed Area, Ad (km²): 60.89
    Ratio of areas Ad/Ao: 2.26
    Maximum Depth, zmax (m): 73.2
    Mean Depth, z (m): 37.9
    Volume (10^6 m³): 1,022.45
    Annual flushing rate (per yr): 0.047
    Annual water load (m/yr): 1.77
    Perimeter (km): 35.2

    From report "Lake Capacity Study for Bright and Basswood Lakes"
    Prepared by Gertrud Nürnberg, Ph.D. Bruce LaZerte, Ph.D. Freshwater Research Baysville, Ontario, P0B 1A0 - 2011


    Board Members

    Larry Allcorn

    Phil Conley
    Vice Chairman

    Cynthia Wood

    Marilyn Kellum
    Secretary and Lake Stewardship

    Joanne Falk

    Dixie Olmstead
    Lake Stewardship

    Nancy Bakemeier