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    BBLA has been supporting and promoting Citizen Science initiatives on Big Basswood Lake for approximately 23 years. The Lake Partner Program has built a network of volunteers to sample water from over 550 lakes across Ontario. 

    Testing includes phosphorus levels, calcium and water clarity. Volunteers over the years have consistently submitted water samples and secchi disk readings. This citizen science program represents the largest and longest standing one of this kind in North America. FOCA partners with the DESC. The Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks coordinates this program. 

    The Canadian Lake Loon Survey has been ongoing for 40 years. A volunteer group of loon watchers, organized by BBLA, has been following the loons on Big Basswood Lake since 2017. Tracking Common Loon breeding success involves observations that are made in June (to note loon pairs), July (to check if chicks have hatched), and August (to see if the chicks have fledged). Loon health is seen to be an overall indicator of ecosystem health. 

    For more information regarding the Canadian Lake Loon Survey, please click here.

    Finally BBLA has established an iNaturalist Big Basswood Lake Watershed Project. This platform provides an opportunity to identify, record and share information about the flora and fauna that you have spotted in and around Big Basswood Lake. It can create a network of nature observers and learners. 

    Access the BBLA iNaturalist Big Basswood Lake Watershed Project here.

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