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    It was seven o'clock in the evening when, after this long, cold ride, the party were dumped down with their baggage on the shores of a little bay, and cheered with the information that as the lake was rough Superintendent Hope, who was to have met them, might be delayed indefinitely. (this bay would likely have been Coles Bay due to its proximity to Sowerby – it could also have been Indiana Bay where Basswood Lake Resort now occupies the site, however this would have made for both a longer row from the Clubhouse and a longer wagon ride from Sowerby).

    BBLA has been supporting and promoting Citizen Science initiatives on Big Basswood Lake for approximately 23 years. The Lake Partner Program has built a network of volunteers to sample water from over 550 lakes across Ontario. 

    Testing includes phosphorus levels, calcium and water clarity. Volunteers over the years have consistently submitted water samples and secchi disk readings. This citizen science program represents the largest and longest standing one of this kind in North America. FOCA partners with the DESC. The Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks coordinates this program. 

    Welcome to the Big Basswood Lake Association’s Spring 2022 newsletter. 

    We sincerely hope that all of our members and their families are safe and well. 

    It sure is wonderful to see everyone back enjoying Basswood Lake again after two years of noticeably reduced activity due to the pandemic. I’m sure everyone shares my enthusiasm that the worst is behind us and we are all able to enjoy the lake again. 

    However, in spite of the restrictions of the pandemic emergency, the board has continued to work extremely hard on your behalf. I’m very pleased that we have welcomed 4 new members onto the board after last year’s AGM:

    • Bobby Swain
    • Dave Bascomb
    • George Craigie
    • Matthew Aho