59 Element UHF Antenna with Amplifier


Big Basswood Lake

By:  Dan Kachur

Warner Brothers - Direct from Detroit


Are you a TV buff looking for something a bit extraordinary?  UHF TV.  

UHF TV is not Satellite TV.   These channels (70 of them) lie between 471 and 885 megahertz on the frequency spectrum and are channels 14 to 83 on your TV in non-cable / satellite mode.


UHF Project - Big Basswood - July 24th, 2005

On this day I installed a 59 element UHF TV antenna, 30 db amplifier, and  rotator on my cottage tower (see photo in top left corner).  

The reception results were impressive.  I was able to clearly view UHF TV stations broadcasting directly from:  Toronto, Hamilton, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, Green Bay, Madison, Saginaw and several other cities.

Global TV - Direct reception from Toronto's CN Tower

For Big Basswood cottagers who live in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois or Wisconsin, this is one method of getting local news from your home city.  

Green Bay Wisconsin - Channel 26

In summary, the project was so successful that I decided to keep the antenna and amplifier on the tower for continued UHF viewing.  

Equipment Used:

- Ultra-Deep-Fringe 59 Element UHF Yagi

- 30 DB amplifier

- RG-6 Coax Cable

- Overall project costs: $229.27


- UHF viewing is poor during the day.  Reception really starts to pick up as the sun sets.  Nighttime viewing is phenomenal, resulting in more than 20 UHF stations to watch.  

- UHF signals are susceptible to fade.  Example: You could be watching a perfectly clear station broadcasting from Chicago's Sears Tower and 15 minutes later the signal is gone.

- Height is important.   If your cottage is in a low-lying area, your results will certainly be different.