High Speed Internet Testing

Big Basswood Lake

July 22nd and July 23rd

(Friday & Saturday)


On the afternoon of Friday July 22nd, 2005, Wirelesscom  http://www.wirelesscom.ca , from Sault Ste. Marie was on location at Big Basswood Lake (Cole's Bay Area) to trial-test high speed Internet and perform a one day distribution of signal to various locations on the lake.  High Speed Internet was up-and-running by 9:00 PM Friday night.

On Saturday, using wireless technologies, high speed Internet was distributed to several locations on Big Basswood from an antenna / tower located on top of Cressey Hill.  Preliminarily results conclude that a maximum distance of less than 1 kilometer to the East and West of Cressey Road were achieved using the technology on hand.  

Factors such as a higher than average tree line, thick bush and terrain affected signal distribution.  Wirelesscom has indicated a interest in coming back to Big Basswood lake at a future time to further signal test the area using equipment and antennas that will allow for signals to penetrate through thick bush and trees.

To read more about Wirelesscom, click here http://www.wirelesscom.ca

In summary, bringing High Speed Internet from the Satellite to Cole's Bay was a great success, however, redistributing the signal throughout Big Basswood was a challenge.

It was a pleasure to have Wirelesscom take their valuable time to visit Big Basswood Lake.  We look forward to future testing on their part, should they be available.

Dan Kachur

Cressey Road