January 21st

Big Basswood Lake


Today was a wonderful day!  The sun was shining and very few clouds in the sky.  

Virtually zero wind with a temperature of -4 C (24 F).  A great day to be at the cottage.

Frair's Bay is frozen over (not sure how much ice...minimal I'm sure).  Cole's Bay is partially frozen.  

Melwel Bay looks partially frozen (see photo below).  The main part of the lake is still open.  

I was not able to determine ice conditions on the westerly side of the lake.


...unloaded the snowmobile at the cottage, went for a ride on area trails, then stopped in to see Doug & Garneta Brown to say hello.

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Basswood Looking East Basswood Looking North Basswood Road




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12X Zoom - 3 Miles Away



Snowmobile on Trail







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12X Zoom - 2 Miles Away