Big Basswood Lake Association

2007 - Annual Newsletter

March 2007

Greetings from Basswood

            This morning, it is beautiful sunny, crispy and white, following a large winter storm that deposited a foot of snow on the foot that we already had – not a lot  based on earlier years.

            If  you like winter, this is the best time to enjoy it.  The Lake froze completely on the 29th of January this year.  It was January 27th in 2006, January 17th in 2005, January 9th in 2004.  The average winter temp. has been about -10C (12F).

I have enclosed a copy of the minutes of the 7th Annual General Meeting (AGM) for your perusal.  Discussions on any points will be entertained at our 8th AGM.

Please note the Annual General Meeting will be:

Sunday July 15th, 2007 (3rd Sunday in July)

10:30 A.M.

Sowerby (Day and Bright Community & Historical Centre)

(Same as last year)


Please mark your calendar to attend or send a family member!  This is your pristine lake- help us to keep it that way.



Bob Running reports that the secchi disc reading has averaged 11 metres, which is considered excellent and confirms that clarity has been holding steady over the years.

There is still no evidence of invasive species in the lake.

Keep up the good work, by inspecting your equipment, wash and clean before transferring your boat from another body of water to Basswood!



We hope to ramp up the Physical Inspections of septic systems in conjunction with the Algoma Health Unit this summer.



Please note the location of the recycle bins at Little Rapids, for the West enders and at Sowerby Hall.  Ontario will now pay  $ .20 / bottle for empty liquor or wine bottles and may be returned with your empty beer bottles.



FOCA ( Federation of Ontario Cottages Association) and WRAFT (Waterfront Ratepayers After Fair Taxation) both groups which we are affiliated, are continually lobbying the Government on our behalf to get some relief on our property taxes.

It should be noted that Ontario is having a Provincial Election in October.  The leader of the Opposition Progressive Conservatives – John Tory announced this month, that the cornerstone of the PC platform is to limit yearly assessment (not taxes) increase to a maximum of 5% (your taxes are based on your assessment).  This is consistent with FOCA and WRAFT’s recommendations to Ontario’s Finance Minister.

Press your candidates about their take on property taxes and what reforms they have in mind!



Dan Kachur is working diligently to obtain high speed internet for our area.  It’s a slow process, but not too far away.  It is available now in Iron Bridge and a radius of 5-7 kms.



Please use bio-degradable products whenever you can!  See attached list of locally available products.

How is your Septic System?



Enclosed is an addressed envelope for you to return your dues - $25.00 / per family cottage for 2007.


Looking forward to seeing you on the Lake!  Drive carefully – Basswood will be here when you arrive.


John D. Jody



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