Residents / Cottage


Several have expressed an interest in monitoring their cottage from home.   Although there are many types of services and devices that will perform security duties, here is computer-based software solution that I use with great results.

This program will monitor your home / cottage on Big Basswood. Once motion is detected it will do all of the following:

  • Take up to 50 photos and send them to the Internet (A webserver of your choice for you to view)
  • Email you immediately with an Alert.

Other tools on the market do the same and more.

This program does the same as above, however in addition it will

  • phone you
  • allow you to call back to Big Basswood to see through the eyes of your webcam

What you will need for any of the above software packages

  • A Pentium Computer
  • Dial-up modem
  • Telephone line at Big Basswood
  • Webcam