Big Basswood Lake Association

2006 - Annual Meeting - Minutes



The 7th Annual Meeting of the Big Basswood Lake Association was held Sun July16th, 2006, 10:30 a.m. at the Sowerby Hall.  50 – 60 members were in attendance. 


Jody called the meeting to order, welcomed all in attendance and introduced the present Board of Directors. 


Minutes of the 6th Annual Meeting were sent out in the newsletter and are on the Basswood Lake web page.  Minutes were adopted by Jack Hodgson, 2nd by Phyliss Coosaia.   There were no questions on the minutes.  


Chairman’s Report: Jody gave a brief run down on 

                                           1.    Water quality, 

2.     WRAFT (Waterfront Ratepayers After Fair Taxation) 

3.      FOCA. 

4.      Jody explained that enviromentally; we are not a policing group.  Our interest is the same as yours..  to keep our water and property in prime condition. 

5.      We have gone to council and are now receiving a little road money  

6.      Jody attended the Annual FOCA meeting in Toronto Fall’05

7.      We now have Directors Insurance 

8.       Ken McClarty is looking for stories of the families on the lake.


Treasures Report: was given by Barb Lajoie with a balance of  $2755.30 Adopted by Vicki Shaw  2nd by Scott Lawrence.    Jody thanked Barb for such an excellent job of handleing our money.  The treasurer’s books were also audited this year. 


Membership Report: We have 73 paid members to date. 


Road Report: Jim Thomson explained there are 5 road committees on the Lake with each receiving $1000 - $1500 from the Municipality.  Report attached


Fishery & Water Quality: Fish Sampling was done in May 2005. 60 nets were set, 43 lake trout were caught.  The last netting was done in 2001.   Big Basswood runs average with other trout lakes low with an average of .72 fish per net.  At present, Big Basswood is not contaminated with invasive species but 5 area lakes have zebra mussels.   There are 8 Invasive Species signs available for those who wish to display them in their area.  Bob also reported the Sechi Disc reading have an average 11m over the last 5 years.


Shoreline Report: Marilyn Kellum gave a repot on how to foliate your shoreline and had many informative pamphlets on the subject. 


Septic Systems: Jim Thomson explained the inspection system started on Basswood Lake.  He also handed out a survey on recycling in the area.  Report attached.


Guest Speaker: this year was Beth Woods a Public Health Inspector.  She gave a very interesting and informative slide show on septic systems.  There are 130 documented sewage applications on file for Basswood Lake.  10 – outhouses, 89 – septic systems with 24 without final inspections, 30 – holding tanks and 1 – arobis (new type)  All sewage systems must be 15 m (50 ft) from high water level.  Jody thanked Beth for the presentation. 


Newsletter:  It was voted to send the newsletter by snail mail and put on the web page. 


Jody thanked Doug & Margie Conley for distributing the notice of the Annual Meeting.  He also thanked his wife Mary and Algoma Mutual for the printing of the agenda.


New Business: Paul Robuck has problems with boaters hitting power lines under the water by the sand bar. 

                          Henry Thelland is a new owner on Big Basswood and is interested in air quality

                           Charlie Wyman asked about the quality of water at the Sowerby Hall.  The last 2 – 3  tests, the water has bee 0/0 so it should be lifted soon.

                          Vicki Shaw asked Beth Wood if dye bottles were available to test you own septic systems.  Beth’s reply was if you wanted to be pro-active, just call the AHU and request a testing

                           It was stated that regular boating is not allowed 30 m from shore, so if you have an item in the water beyond that, you are liable.  The FOCA website has information on regulations on height/distance etc on items left in the water. 

                            It was also stated that everyone is at their camp for its enjoyment.  Please respect your neighbour whether it is about dust control, ATV use, noise control, dogs etc.  We all want to enjoy our time here year round! 

                            Jack Hodgson thanked the Board for all the work done on the septic systems.


Bob Ackert moved the meeting be adjourned, 2nd by Larry Jago  -  passed