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About Basswood Lake

Big Basswood Lake Association - Mission Statement

To preserve and protect the quality and natural beauty of Big Basswood Lake and its watershed: leading the lake community in making sound choices towards sustainable solutions.

By-laws (pdf)

Membership information

As a member of the Big Basswood Lake Association you also become a member of FOCA, and this alone could save you up to 10% on your cottage insurance. At our 2012 AGM one of our members stated that he saved $500 because of BBLA's FOCA membership. Please send your annual $25 dues, made payable to Big Basswood Lake Association, C/O Ron Trivers, 113 Cressey Rd, Thessalon, ON, P0R 1L0. Please print and mail back the application form with your check.

You can also pay your annual membership fee by credit card through Paypal. Click the link below to make your payment.

Lake Characteristics

Approximate location: 46°19' 83°22'30''
Surface Area, Ao (km²): 26.95
Watershed Area, Ad (km²): 60.89
Ratio of areas Ad/Ao: 2.26
Maximum Depth, zmax (m): 73.2
Mean Depth, z (m): 37.9
Volume (10^6 m³): 1,022.45
Annual flushing rate (per yr): 0.047
Annual water load (m/yr): 1.77
Perimeter (km): 35.2

From report "Lake Capacity Study for Bright and Basswood Lakes"
Prepared by Gertrud Nürnberg, Ph.D. Bruce LaZerte, Ph.D. Freshwater Research Baysville, Ontario, P0B 1A0 - 2011